GlobusGPS GL-TR1 mini

دسته بندی : Personal trackers

تولید کننده : GlobusGPS

توضیح محصول

  In order to configure the object, you have to follow these steps by sending SMS commands to the tracker: (Instead of ****** you must substitute the correct password of tracker. The default password - 000000) W******,048 - restore the factory default settings W******,010,ID - set the unique ID of tracker, up to 14 digits, user-selectable W******,032,0 - set the zero time zone W******,011,APN,USER,PASS - set the APN for GPRS. USER ? PASS - if needed W******,012,,20450 - set the IP and port of monitoring server W******,013,1 - switch on sending data over GPRS (TCP) W******,014,3 - set report interval for GPRS messages - 30 seconds