Gosafe 6C6

دسته بندی : Personal trackers

تولید کننده : Gosafe

GSM status:
0: GSM not registered
1: GSM registered
Horizontal Dilution of Precision
signal_intensity (dBm)
CSQ signal intensity
j1979_aat (°C)
Ambient air temperature
j1979_app_r (%)
Relative Accelerator Pedal Position
j1979_app_X (%)
Accelerator Pedal Position (D, E, F)
j1979_baro (kPa)
Barometric Pressure
j1979_bat_pwr (%)
Hybrid Battery Pack Remaining Life
j1979_catemp1N (°C)
Catalyst Temperature Bank 1, Sensor N
j1979_catemp2N (°C)
Catalyst Temperature Bank 2, Sensor N
j1979_clr_dist (km)
Distance since diagnostic trouble codes cleared
j1979_clr_time (min)
Engine Run Time since diagnostic trouble codes cleared
DTC that caused required freeze frame data storage
j1979_ect (°C)
Engine Coolant Temperature
j1979_egr_err (%)
EGR Error
j1979_egr_pct (%)
Commanded EGR
Emission requirements to which vehicle is designed
j1979_eot (°C)
Engine Oil Temperature
Commanded Equivalence Ratio
j1979_evap_pct (%)
Commanded Evaporative Purge
j1979_evap_vpa (kPa)
Absolute Evap System Vapour Pressure
j1979_evap_vp (Pa)
Evap System Vapour Pressure
j1979_fli (%)
Fuel Level Input
j1979_frp_abs (kPa)
Fuel Rail Pressure (absolute)
j1979_frp_gauge (kPa)
Fuel Rail Pressure (gauge)
j1979_frp (kPa)
Fuel Rail Pressure
j1979_frp_rltv (kPa)
Fuel Rail Pressure relative to manifold vacuum
j1979_fuel_rate (L/h)
Engine Fuel Rate
Fuel system N status
j1979_fuel_timing (°)
Fuel Injection Timing
Type of fuel currently being utilized by the vehicle
j1979_iat (°C)
Intake Air Temperature
j1979_load_abs (%)
Absolute Load Value
j1979_load_pct (%)
Calculated LOAD Value
j1979_longftN (%)
Long Term Fuel Trim in Bank N
j1979_maf (g/s)
Air Flow Rate from Mass Air Flow Sensor
j1979_map (kPa)
Intake Manifold Absolute Pressure
j1979_mil_dist (km)
Distance Travelled While MIL is Activated
j1979_mil_time (min)
Time run by the engine while MIL is activated
j1979_rpm (rpm)
Engine RPM
j1979_runtm (s)
Time Since Engine Start
j1979_shrtftN (%)
Short Term Fuel Trim in Bank N
j1979_sparkadv (°)
Ignition Timing Advance for #1 Cylinder
j1979_tac_pct (%)
Commanded Throttle Actuator Control
j1979_tp (%)
Absolute Throttle Position
j1979_tp_r (%)
Relative Throttle Position
j1979_tp_X (%)
Absolute Throttle Position (B, C)
j1979_tq_act (%)
Actual Engine - Percent Torque
j1979_tq_dd (%)
Driver's Demand Engine - Percent Torque
j1979_tq_ref (Nm)
Engine Reference Torque
j1979_vpwr (V)
Control module voltage
j1979_vss (km/h)
Vehicle Speed Sensor
Number of warm-ups since diagnostic trouble codes cleared